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Advantages of content marketing.

Regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C, there are many advantages of content marketing that your business could benefit from. Content marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy today. This is mainly because of how effective it is in attracting your target audience. But what is content marketing really and what does it involve?

What does content marketing include?

Content marketing is defined as a form of digital marketing which involves continuously creating and using valuable content to attract and maintain a target audience. With content marketing, businesses or brands act more like publishers or educators to eventually turn website visitors into customers. Some of the different types of content marketing include blog posts, social media copy, video content and newsletters.

Advantages of content marketing for your business.

Although there are many pros to content marketing, here are the 10 biggest advantages of content marketing for any business:


1. Brand awareness and visibility

When people are looking for specific information and you have content on your website that answers those questions, people will see and become more aware of your business. Content marketing will also make your product pages, in particular, more visible. If people are reading the blog posts on your website, they might decide to visit your product pages after. And if you’re providing valuable blog content, other websites might choose to link to those pages. This can also make people become more aware of your business.


2. Website traffic and leads

One of the biggest advantages of content marketing is inbound leads. With quality content on your website, you have a better chance of being found on Google and other search engines. In other words, good content puts your website in front of your target audience and therefore, drives website traffic. And because this is organic traffic, it’s easier to turn your website visitors into leads.


3. Conversions and sales

The main aim for any business is to drive sales. Increased website traffic doesn’t mean much if it does not also result in an increase in sales. Content marketing, however, helps guide potential customers through the buying process. Most purchases start with a Google search. If the content on your website provides them with a solution, you become a valuable resource to them. This makes it much easier in the future to convince them to convert or buy from you once they are ready to purchase.


4. Improves and maintains your relationship with your audience

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audience and customers on an ongoing basis. Good content will lead to long-lasting relationships between your business and your customers. Not only does this improve brand reputation, but if they’re viewing you as their main source of information, they will also turn to you first when they’re looking to purchase the products or services you offer.


5. Trust and loyalty

While reading the content on your website, people are unconsciously building an impression of your business or brand. When you’re providing educational content or helpful solutions freely without using it to sell products or services, it creates a level of trust with your customers. And any relationship between a customer and brand that’s built on trust will be more likely to transition into a profitable relationship for your business in the future.


6. Positions you as an expert in your field

Content marketing is able to strengthen the credibility of a business. By continuously publishing well-researched and informative content, people will start viewing your business as authoritative. Content allows you to showcase your expertise in the industry and your unique strengths. As a result, people will keep coming back to you to answer their questions. Not only will this cause them to view you as the thought leader in the field, but they are also more likely to become customers or refer friends to you.


7. You have control

It’s already known that it’s much easier to sell a service or product when someone is busy looking for it. With content marketing, you’re able to control the conversation between your customer and your business. Having control and being able to guide this conversation while your potential customer is doing research is invaluable. It allows you to focus on your unique features and convince the potential customer to consider your products or services instead of your competitors’ while you’re educating them.


8. Reduces marketing costs

Content marketing is extremely cost-effective, compared to many other marketing techniques. Because you won’t need to pay for publishing content on your own website, you are able to reallocate resources and keep costs low. It is, however, a more long-term strategy as it can take a lot of time to produce quality content. You won’t see immediate results but once you’re a few months in, you’ll start noticing changes. And this will keep improving if you continue to provide good content consistently.


9. Improves SEO

When potential customers are searching for information on Google, you want your business to appear at the top of the search results. Having content on your website that answers their questions is the best way to ensure this happens. Search engines reward good, quality content. If your content targets the right keywords, you’re more likely to show up on the SERPs. And if your content is good enough, it will earn inbound links from other websites. This increases your website’s domain authority, which in turn, improves your rankings and makes your business more visible on search engines.


10. Grows your social media following

One of the advantages of content marketing is that you can repurpose the content and use it for social media. By promoting your content on social media, more people will be able to see and read it. These people might then share it with their followers, which will result in you gaining more followers and website traffic. Every person that finds your content valuable will become a possible advocate for your brand going forward.


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Have these advantages of content marketing convinced you to start working on your own business’ content marketing strategy? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to decide whether you want to learn content marketing and do it in-house or if you’d rather work with a digital marketing agency who does this on the daily. If it’s the latter and you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with us at Launchsite Digital.

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