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Who is Launchsite Digital?

Launchsite Digital is a web development and digital marketing agency in Cape Town. As a digital marketing agency, we have worked with a variety of different brands and businesses in South Africa, as well as internationally, and have expertise in a range of digital marketing services.

What do we do?

We offer digital marketing services like paid advertising, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, Google advertising, web development, content creation and digital marketing insurance to clients.

In addition to pushing traffic to our clients’ websites through different paid advertising channels, we also make sure that all landing pages on their websites are optimised for conversion. We also ensure that tagging and tracking is in place. We support this by providing engaging, valuable and relevant content on all channels, as well as monthly reports. Our aim is to continuously find new and more effective ways of optimising websites and convert traffic to leads. And more importantly, drive sales across the different digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Approach.

Our approach to digital marketing is creative, strategic and evidence-based. We make it our mission to assess every click and research every search term to determine what users are doing when they come to our clients’ websites. We will then use this information to make changes to campaigns to continuously improve results.

Although our overall digital marketing approach is systematic and results-driven, we also believe that each client or business is unique. And they should, therefore, be approached with their own specific needs in mind.

At Launchsite Digital, we view our relationships with our clients as partnerships and position ourselves as members of our clients’ teams. Whether it’s strategizing, executing or reporting, we are completely transparent with our clients at every step of the process.

What makes Launchsite Digital different to other digital marketing agencies?

We are a small, dynamic team of young entrepreneurs with various relevant skills who have spent valuable time and resources on digital marketing to improve our own businesses. That’s why we have a better understanding of how to spend money most effectively to minimize risks and maximize results.

What are the best new ways for businesses and brands to find more sale leads? And how can we create more awareness for new products and services? These are the kinds of questions we’re constantly asking ourselves as an agency. And this is what sets us apart and makes us different to any other digital marketing agency.

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