“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

– Oscar Wilde

The small, dynamic Launchsite Digital team is made up of young entrepreneurs with relevant skills.
Paid search, digital marketing and qualified lead generation are just three of the areas in which they add real value.

Britta cut her paid search teeth at one of the leading independent digital media agencies in South Africa which is where she established herself in the field.

She has since carved out a niche as someone with equal focus on creative and analytical pursuits and this bodes well in a paid search and PPC role at the Launchsite.

John started his career as a designer in the agency environment but soon realised that he had a deeper passion for data and digital marketing. Since 2010 he has worked for, and consulted with, some of SA’s top ecommerce and tech businesses.

In his spare time John digs surfing, beers and stroking his beard.

Dane is proficient in website design, self-taught in Google and fascinated by tech startups and digital marketing trends. His lead generation skills are legendary in Cape Town.

When Dane isn’t at work, he’s thinking about startups on the golf course or drinking good coffee.

Keelan has worked in a variety of roles in a variety of industries, a fact that exhibits his adaptability and versatility in business. The affable co-founder of Lightswitch, a web development business, now finds himself developing business for Launchsite Digital.

In his spare time, Keelan is an avid football fan, crossfit enthusiast and devoted father to an adorable Shar Pei named Truffle.

Launchsite Digital’s newest member is currently completing the final year of her marketing degree at CPUT where she is a proud member of the debating society.

In her free time, Lorraine enjoys the finer things in life. These things include trying out food at traditional restaurants and reading romantic novels.

We’re happy to have this talented all-rounder on our team.